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Paper Mario: The Origami King – Official Gameplay details

The combat in the latest Paper Mario game is going to look a lot different than you might have expected. On Friday Nintendo released a new video for Paper Mario: The Origami King, which gives players a deep plunge into their world and into their new combat system that is all about the situation.

The latest Paper Mario game is based around Princess Peach’s castle, which is taken over by Ollie, the Origami King. To save the world from the newly twisted threat, Mario must reestablish the castle on a quest. According to the video, Mario’s journey will bring him through five different areas, including a desert oasis, a “ninja-filled mansion”, an underground sewer system, an autumn mountain and a forest spring.

The biggest difference in Paper Mario’s world at the moment comes with the game’s combat. While it still has a turn-based battle system known for the Paper Mario series, the preparation for each battle is slightly different. Every battle of The Origami King takes place in a huge, layered ring, surrounded by dozens of spaces.

Another notable addition to Paper Mario comes in the form of a new 360-degree combat system. While the rhythmic battles of previous Mario RPG entries seem to be intact – Mario is shown foot-stomping, fire-bowling, tail-spinning, hammer-bopping, and power-blocks to his enemies – the whole thing on a new ring Plays- style battle grid.

Image Credit : Nintendo

The idea here is that Mario stands in the middle and players can rotate and slide the ring around him, aiming to move enemies to more advantageous positions, with a limit on the number of moves available. For example, row them successfully in a row, and it is possible to attack every opponent at once.

This is another step in a boss fight – all with a stationery theme, including a rubber band boss, a colored pencil boss, and more – requiring players to spin and slide rings around their formidable opponent. Is so that the guide arrow becomes a path leading Mario to the center where he can attack.

Talking of the bosses, they may be the best part of this entire Paper Mario video. As it turns out, Mario’s biggest enemy in this game will be a steady supply. In the trailer he takes on a large sensory case of colored pencils, a man made of rubber bands and of course the dreaded tape.

Paper Mario: The Origami King launches on Nintendo Switch on July 17.

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