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How to Transfer Google Play Music Library to YouTube Music

Google Play Music is going away at the end of the year.Google has yet to announced specifically when Google Play Music will officially shut down. Since the company is finally allowing transfers of user content to YouTube Music, it likely won’t be very long before the older music service shuts down.


The process is the same for mobile devices regardless of whether you’re using Android or iOS.

  1. Make sure you’ve got the latest version of YouTube Music installed from Google Play or the App Store
  2. Open the YouTube Music app on your Android device. You should see a “Transfer your Play Music library” option. Tap on “Let’s Go.” YouTube Music will then display everything that you’re about to migrate over from Google Play Music, including songs, albums, playlists, purchases, uploads, your personalized taste profile / recommendations, and your liked and disliked song.
  3. Hit “Start Transfer” at the bottom, and the process will begin. If you pick “Not Now,” you’ll return to the main YouTube Music home screen, and the banner about transferring your content will still be there.


You can also initiate the transfer from YouTube Music on the web — both on mobile and from a desktop browser. The below video goes over that process, which isn’t too far off from the mobile process.

  1. Go to music.youtube.com/transfer
  2. Click “transfer,” and your content will start being moved over



1.Your Google Play Music library, which includes:
       Your uploaded & purchased songs
       Your playlists & many stations
       Albums & songs in your library
2.Your likes and dislikes (songs you’ve given a thumbs up or down)
3.Your billing information for your subscription if you’re a current Google Play Music subscriber.

That should be all you should have to do to transfer your Google Play Music songs, albums, and most other content to the YouTube Music app. If you don’t have the transfer tool yet, don’t worry — Google is rolling it out to users starting on 12 May 2020.

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