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Affiliate Disclosure

FTC Disclosure Compliance Rules

New rules regarding disclosure compliance were issued by the Federal Trade Commission in 2015.

These rules ensure that those who review or read web media know that the publisher or blogger endorses, sponsors or partners with another company. Content readers know that the publisher is making money by sharing a product or link.

In compliance with FTC guidelines, consider the following information about the post and link on this website:

All / any Techwebi.com links are affiliate links, and therefore, we receive a small compensation when selling certain items.

What Are Affiliate Links?

When someone is reading a blog or review on Techwebi.com, if they click on an affiliate link and purchase an item through this link, they are shopping directly from the seller of the product, not from Techwebi.com Have been.

Companies such as Amazon offer a form of compensation to help drive customers to the website, such as a small commission to Techwebi.com.

Whether a consumer purchases the item through a non-affiliate link or an affiliate link, the price of the item is exactly the same. Prices are not low or high, as someone has made their purchase through an affiliate link. Prices remain the same.

There are one primary affiliate programs that Techwebi.com uses:

     1. Amazon Affiliate Links

Techwebi.com takes part in the Associates Program via Amazon Services LLC. This is a type of advertising program that works to provide website owners with a way to earn money by linking to Amazon.com and the websites that are affiliated with Amazon’s Associates Program.

     2. Product Affiliate Links

If you purchase an item after clicking on an affiliate link or product, we receive some form of compensation, such as a percentage of sales.

To reiterate, the price of the item does not change when you shop through the affiliate link. These are not “pay-per-click” links. The price of the item does not increase when you purchase it through the affiliate link.

What is Sponsored Content?

We do not participate in sponsored posts. We are dedicated to providing you with information that is unbiased and authentic. However, GeneratorWiz will clearly disclose if anything at the beginning of the content is a sponsored post, the company should request a sponsored post.

Ultimately, we only recommend products that we would recommend to our friends and family, or which we personally use.

Our research efforts support your purchase. We sincerely appreciate you. Many thanks for your cooperation.

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