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A high-definition Pac-Man remake is being ported to the NES, to play on your Switch

A bundle of classic Namco games called the Namcot collection is making its way to the Nintendo Switch. One of the titles you can get with the bundle is a NES version of Pac-Man Championship Edition, which was (as The Verge notes) originally created as a remake of Pac-Man for the Xbox 360. So technically, Namco reimagined an HD remake in NES-style graphics. Unlike the original, each level for this 2007 version of the beloved classic is played within a certain time limit. The game gets faster the longer you stay alive, and the goal is to get the highest score possible.

The Namcot Collection will be sold as a $25 bundle of 10 games that also includes titles like Galaga and Battle City. You can purchase each title individually, but according to Game Watch, you’ll only be able to download Championship Edition as a reward if you buy all 10. Namco is also rolling out the collection with a few quality-of-life improvements, such as a “save function” that allows you to suspend and resume any time, a “rewind function” and various screen formats.

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